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Thursday, March 30th, 2006
11:20 am - "if you've got the urge / come on let's submerge"
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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
11:15 am
Hobbies: music, Internet, books, collecting, thinking
Things I collect: CDs, books, stamps, badges, magazine clippings, crosses (right way up), some magazines, cassettes, perfumes, etc etc.

LEAST fave foods: any organ ones, seafood, potatoes, bananas, any sweets & drinks with orange flavour, spinach, brussel sprouts, undone meat, cooked meat, sushi, anything with dill etc. etc.
Drink: milk, plain water, tea/herbal tea, ginger ale, fruit juice (unsweetened)
Jewellery: silver anything, bracelets, religious
Shoes: plain and easy
Shampoo: Body Shop, Herbal Essence
Toothpaste: organic
Soap: Body Shop, fruity/rose-scented
Smell: food, flowers (esp. mockorange), rain, books
Animals: dolphins, parrots, pandas, monkeys, antelopes, cats, horses, fireflies
Type Of Soup: minestrone, green lentil with tomato and carrots
Room at home: living room
Time of year: spring

- I keep close note on Friends’ birthdays
- I do a lot of lists, of what I’ve bought and so on
Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
11:13 pm
Today I got this DVD:

plot and a reader's review, from AmazonCollapse )
One of the best movies I've seen about this kind of subjects. Definitely thought-provoking, and I'm happy to finally have it (already had it taped on video tape).

current mood: determined
Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002
12:10 pm - Back once again...
Came back Sunday from Tokyo, had to rest a bit (not jetlag though, just small flu.)
The weather in Tokyo was really good, only rained a few days here and there. It was warm too, hardly needed a coat. There was lots of flowers blooming already, and it was cherry blossoms times so we went to loads of park to admire all that, and even had a few picnics.
Bought a few CD's, more than I thought I could but managing to make my record collection go up to 800 CDs.

Associates: Fourth Drawer Down
Boom Boom Satellites: Out Loud
The Church: After Everything Now This
The Church: Sing-Songs/Remote Luxury/Persia (EP-collection)
Curve: Doppelgnger
Duran Duran: 1st
Duran Duran: Seven & The Ragged Tiger
Duran Duran: Liberty
Duran Duran: The Wedding Album (with bonus tracks)
Duran Duran: Last Day On Earth/Starting To Remember (single)
Einstrzende Neubauten: Fnf...
Fad Gadget: Gag
The Faint: Danse Macabre
Huggy Bear: Taking The Rough With The Smooch
Le Tigre: Le Tigre (with bonus tracks)
Liliput: Liliput
My Bloody Valentine: Ecstasy & Wine
The Need: ...Is Dead
Pop Group: Y
Pop Group: We're All Prostitutes
Psychedelic Furs: Beautiful Chaos Live
PiL: PiL
PiL: Metal Box (the metal box version)
Queen Adreena: Taxidermy (with bonus tracks)
Throbbing Gristle: D.O.A.

Lots of good stuff to eat too, but still didn't gain any weight back. Besides Japanese places we went to Indian and Italian restaurants. Tried sushi, cos not all of them are seafood type. There was egg sushi, pork sushi (not raw) and tofu rolls. There was also some sort of meatloaf type of thing that I ate many times. Dinners were mostly eaten at home, mostly chicken, and we often had strawberries for dessert - good but not as good as good finnish strawberries.
Sightseeing: we went to many temples, museum and art galleries, like Paul Klee and Kandinsky (liked Klee more, nicely crazy).

It felt weird coming back to Finland, cos I was already used to life in Japan. It was colder too. Well, at least I can now enjoy my new stuff. :-)

So that was it. Heh.

current mood: drained

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Thursday, February 21st, 2002
5:32 am
The days pass by so fast *rubs face* I know that if I'd wake up early or earlier it would at least feel longer. But I absolutely LOVE waking up late and staying up late too. Makes more sense to me. I'm definitely the owl.

she is beautifulCollapse )

current mood: rocking!

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2002
6:44 pm
Another day with not much happening. :-)

five things quizCollapse )

current mood: calm

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Saturday, January 26th, 2002
8:02 pm
I <3 Japan! *swoon* bookyCollapse )

current mood: funky

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Friday, January 18th, 2002
7:09 pm
My jeans are soo roomy now. I'll need a belt soon. Living alone now definitely has helped me to keep my diet. I have too much to do to think about eating when I'm not hungry. I stay up different hours too. Wake around midday-ish, go to bed around 4-5am. It's fun.
Like that. Vai mit�?

which flavor are youCollapse )

current mood: energetic

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2001
12:34 am
Today I went shopping. Bought Christmas presents for my parents and my grandmother (father's side). Also finally got that Cure's 'Greatest Hits' DVD; a real shame I can't watch it till my parents get the 'player. *sigh*
And bought these CD's

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - BRMC (reminds me of less-sneery Auteurs)
Blondie - Plastic Letters (yay!)
Death Cult - Ghost Dance (finally)
Einst�rzende Neubauten - Strategien Against Architecture III (finally!)
Orgy - Candyass; Vapor Transmission (cos I'm allowed; though I think it's a case of NRL: Needs Repeated Listening)

sod it, i'll do these if I want to ha haCollapse )

current mood: moody

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Thursday, November 29th, 2001
5:19 pm - OEQREGSIU GTEWIbkjgaterwtyoiwty hg trow dnbstlrouiOUYfau
What was the first album you ever bought?
Beatles - Yellow Submarine (LP), 1989

What is the first album you can remember listening to?
Sha Na Na - Rock'n'Roll Is Here To Stay

What was the last album you bought?
Cure - Greatest Hits (2 CD version); Cut Here CD-single
Kittie - Oracle

What was the last CD you listened to?
OMD - Architectury & Morality (wintry)

How many albums do you currently own?
756 CDs, 200+ self-taped cassettes, 60+ LPs, some singles, about 13 box sets

Which one of your albums do you wish you had never wasted your money on?
Burning Airlines - Identikit

Name an album you secretly love that would ruin your reputation as cool if people knew about it.
I don't know, but I like owning Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music"

What album do you listen to most often?
I have too many to do such thing :-)

How many concerts have you been to (not-festivals)?

Name them.
Rolling Stones - Urban Jungle tour, 1990 (wouldn't do that now even if paid
Redd Kross - at Arapaho, Paris, 1994
Primal Scream - at Bataclan, Paris, 1994

Which of the above, if any, was your favorite?
the third one

Name a fantastic album someone else introduced you to.
I haven't been introduced to any in real life

Name the last album someone else bought for you.
This Mortal Coil - It'll End In Tears (mum)

Name the last album you purchased for someone as a gift.
The Smiths - Meat Is Murder (for my sister)

Name a fantastic album you discovered entirely by accident, on your own.
The Monks - Black Monk Time (VERY angry 60s garage punk)

Name an album that brings back painful memories of adolescence.
I didn't have a painful adolescence :-D

Name an album that was playing when you underwent a major rite of passage.
The Cure - Seventeen Seconds

current mood: lazy

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2001
3:29 pm - Oh, I've only read "Silmarillion" so far... :-)

Merry Brandybuck

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Merry, Hobbit, heir of the Brandybucks and a friend of Frodo's.

In the movie, I am played by Dominic Monaghan.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Character Test��with Perseus Survey Power

current mood: hopeful

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2001
2:15 pm - I post this in Album_Reviews and I want to post it here too (hoo hoo):
My Top 35 (Oh yes, I couldn't squeeze it into 25 :-D ): In no order

1. Brassy: Got It Made
2. Chameleons UK: Script Of The Bridge
3. Richard Hell & Voidoids: Blank Generation
4. Japan: Gentlemen Take Polaroids
5. Ladytron: 604
6. Moldy Peaches: Moldy Peaches
7. Strokes: Is This It
8. Love: Forever Changes
9. Gram Parsons: The Early Years
10. Curve: Doppelgagner
11. Einstrzende Neubauten: Halber Mensch
12. Pop Group: We Are Time
13. Mogwai: Young Team
14. Skinny Puppy 12" Anthology
15. Throwing Muses: Real Ramona
16. Suicide: Suicide (1st)
17. Krafwerk: Radio-Activity
18. Galaxie 500: On Fire
19. Elastica: The Menace
20. Cocteau Twins: Garlands
21. Spiritualized: Pure Phase
22. Psychedelic Furs: Mirror Moves
23. Massive Attack: Mezzanine
24. Echo & The Bunnymen: Ocean Rain
25. Beck: One Foot In The Grave
26. DAF: Die Kleinen & Die Bosen
27. Undertones: Undertones
28. Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley (1st)
29. Pere Ubu: Terminal Tower
30. Future Sound Of London: Lifeforms
31. Legendary Pink Dots: 9 Live To Wonder
32. Go-Betweens: Liberty Belle...
33. Cabaret Voltaire: Red Mecca
34. Church: Heyday
35. REM: Murmur

current mood: cheerful

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Friday, November 9th, 2001
7:58 pm - from Walerich, ignore if you hate these type of things (moo!):
::0. what song(s) best describes you?:: 'monkeyland' or 'nathan's phase' by chameleons uk, sometimes
::3. if you could spend 24 hours with any person who would it be?:: my mum
::5. if you could have sex with any celebrity, with whom would it be?:: see my userinfo, as usual... :-)

word association
245. ::white:: net
5. ::fear:: sharp
8. ::water:: bubbles
7. ::a story:: road in the desert
8. ::jona:: line

more questions
85. ::first crush?:: buddy holly
10. :: which of these disney films would make the best porn movie--snow white and the seven dwarves, aladdin, toy
story, or beauty and the beast?:: snow white and the seven dwarves
11. ::biggest fear:: pain
12. ::what sucks most--teletubbies, furbies or pokemon?:: furbies (though i don't really know them)
13. ::first hero:: don't know
9. ::who would play you in a movie? short-haired winona (mmmm...) except less girly
15. ::what would a movie about your life be called?:: "unusual inside"
9484. ::if you started a band, what would its name be?:: pomegrenade?
17. ::best south park character:: TIMMY!!
18. ::gwen stefani or shirley manson?:: shirley
19. ::do you believe in love?:: yes
1. ::is chivalry dead?:: it's rare
21. ::are you trendy?:: no
57. ::first job:: what job?
58. ::current job:: none
59. ::dream job:: bass player in a famous, critically praised but very very cool band, and praised for the extraordinary bass lines and self-made bass with new effects no one has (and patented too)
68. ::how do you feel right now?:: normal
69. ::what do you want most right now?:: shopping
734. ::what languages can you speak?:: english, finnish, understand french
484. ::current music: only in my head (chameleons uk)
79. ::4 cds/tapes from yr collection that you will never get tired of:: cure 'seventeen seconds', gram parsons 'early years', legendary pink dots '9 lives to wonder' and new order's 'movement'. and that only right now
7. ::4 movies that made you think:: "welcome to the dollhouse" (though I won't watch it again or get it); "apocalypse now (redux also)"; "blade runner"; "seven"
9. ::4 songs you get stuck in yr head frequently:: "nathan's phase"; "24 hours"; "waterfront" and "lowdown"
4. ::have you ever told someone you loved them and didn't mean it really?:: no
95. ::would u be able to do so?:: i guess i'm able
3. ::how many phones do you have in your house?:: four (plus one not connected)
38. ::how many tv's do you have in your house?:: one
74. ::do you like jewelry?:: yes
76. ::who has it easier, boys or girls?:: boys
67. ::are you rich and you're gonna go to hell?:: no and don't know
80. ::what's your least favorite subject in school?:: maths
81. ::what's your favorite subject in school?:: religion (the teacher's were good)
87. ::do you like to sleep?:: always
96. ::how many rooms does your house have?:: nine
108. ::what color tooth brush do you use?:: see thru with red, the brushes are too soft
4. ::who is your favorite cartoon character?:: alita
127. ::are you tired?:: no
131. ::are you having fun?:: constantly
133,5. ::who's your favorite teacher?:: none
144. ::do you believe in santa claus?:: no
145. ::do you believe in ghosts?:: no just demons
4. ::do you believe in jesus:: yes
146. ::rap or r&b?:: the old r&b
6. ::pop or rock?:: depends
747439. ::rock or metal?:: rock
149. ::classical or jazz?:: both
150. ::hanson or manson?:: hanson
151. ::koRn or 311?:: neither
70. ::no doubt or garbage?:: both
153. ::jewel or fiona apple?:: fiona
154. ::offspring or nine inch nails?:: nin
15. ::sugar ray or tool?:: neither
156. ::backstreet boys or *nsync?:: may they end up miserable and forgotten
157. ::joey mcintyre or jordan knight?:: *KILL*

158. ::what do you think about boy bands?:: puppets
160. ::what do you think about heavy metal?:: mostly useless
161. ::what do you think about rap?:: sexist
162. ::what do you think about r&b?:: old old R&B in its original meaning only please
163. ::do you think nkotb are coming back?:: never

yes or no or eh
164. ::like hanson?:: yes
165. ::like *nsync?:: no
666. ::like backstreet boys?:: no
5. ::like koRn?:: no
58590. ::like orgy?:: don't care enough
8. ::like sugar ray?:: no
4847. ::like metalica?:: no
17. ::like no doubt?:: yes
172. ::like britney spears?:: no
173. ::like aaron carter?:: no
17. ::like b*witched?:: no
175. ::like joey mcintrye?:: no
17. ::like jordan knight?:: no
177. ::like busta rymes?:: no
178. ::like offspring?:: no
179. ::like ricky martin?:: no
180. ::like coolio?:: no
181. ::like janet jackson?:: no
182. ::like spice girls?:: no
183. ::like all saints?:: first album was cool
184. ::like c-note?:: wot??
185. ::like 98?:: no
186. ::like 5ive?:: no
187. ::like tlc?:: yes
188. ::like take 5?:: wot??
189. ::like moffats?:: no
190. ::like jennifer love hewit?:: no
191. ::like dixie chicks?:: no
192. ::like mariah carey?:: no
193. ::like eyc?:: no
194. ::like brandy?:: no
195. ::like eminem?:: has talent, wrong place to use it
196. ::like shania twain?:: no
197. ::like monica?:: no
87. ::like mya?:: no
2000. ::like blessed unions of soul?:: who???
20. ::like bare naked ladies?:: no
202. ::like robbie williams?:: no
203. ::like sixpence none the richer?:: sort of
203. ::like limp bizkit?:: may they rot in hell forever
203a. ::do you like the beach boys?:: yes
203b. ::do you like def leppard?:: I like andrew wk
203c. ::do you like whitesnake?:: no
203. ::do you like queen?:: yes now they're gone
203e. ::do you like elton john?:: no
203f. ::do you like rketman?:: who??
203x. ::do you like depeche mode?:: yes yes yes

some more questions
216. ::what tv station is better...mtv or vh1?:: vh1
263. ::favorite season?:: winter
264. ::strawberry or cherry?:: both
245. ::accent or american?:: depends
274. ::chewing gum or hard candy?:: both

current mood: thoughtful

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Monday, November 5th, 2001
11:45 pm - Survey again (because I want) (from paivansade):
number of times i have been in love
number of times i have had my heart broken
number of hearts i have broken
number of boys i have kissed in my life
number of girls i have kissed
number of continents i have visited
other than this, 1 (US)
number of drugs taken illegally
number of people i would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends
number of people from high school that i stayed in contact with
1 or 2
number of cds that i own
700 something
number of piercings
number of tattoos
number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper
number of scars on my body
number of people that has made me scared of what they could do to me physically
number of things in my past that i regret
current mood
current music
only in my head
current taste
current hair
as usual but clean
current grievance
that I can't live off my parents forever (selfish)
current annoyance
not having my own place
current scent
current missing
current longing
paris or london
current game
current thing i ought to be doing
watching brand:new on MTV if it's there
current windows open
current desktop picture
einstrzende neubauten group picture
current favourite artist
don't know
current favourite singer
edward ka-spel
cds currently scattered about room
i'm not in my room, but there's primal scream's 'Screamadelica' on the table
current book
reading many at the same time
current cds in stereo
i don't have stereo yet
current disc in dvd player
have a new order dvd but no player
current colour of toenails
current earrings
none yet
current refreshment
orange juice
current worry
being forced to get a job this year
current malicious intent
make a shitlist and kill everyone on it without getting caught
current misguided opinion
current crush
see my userinfo
current favourite celebrity
current time wasting wish
marrying a rockstar
current hate

current mood: busy

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2001
from undrehung the new friend *BOOM-DE-BOOM*

Act or direct?: wot?
Adidas, Nike, Reebok?: reebok
Alaska or Hawaii?: alaska
Aloha or Hola?: aloha
Any tattoos and where of what?: will get some
Are you a good listener?: i think so.
Are you a good student?: no
Are you involved in sports: no
Bacon bits or croutons?: neither
Be serious or be funny?: both
Beef or Chicken?: chicken
Best friend or boy/girlfriend?: dunno
Best Friend?: none
Birthday?: 7/18
Birthplace?: new york, ny
Blonde or brunette?: brunette
Blue eyes or brown?: either
Bow tie or tie?: skinny tie
Boxers or briefs on guys?: boxers
Cat or dog?: cat
Chinese or Japanese?: either if it doesn't mean food; if food, chinese
Christmas or Halloween?: xmas
Coke or Pepsi?: Coke
Color or black-and-white photos?: depends
Cool ranch or Nacho Cheese?: nope
Disneyland or Universal Studios?: neither
Do you believe in reincarnation, and how does it affect your outlook on life and death?: no, and it doesn't affect at all
Do you believe in astrology?: a bit
Do you believe in God?: YES
Do you believe in love at first sight?: not sure
Do you consider yourself the life of the party?: no
Do you currently like/love (as in a boyfriend girlfriend type of way) someone?: yep
Do you have a car?: no
Do you have a deep dark secret no one knows except you?: probably
Do you have a job?: no
Do you have a lava lamp?: not yet
Do you have a pager?: never
Do you have a personal phone line?: no
Do you have a pool or hot tub?: neither
Do you have a trampoline?: i wish
Do you have lots of friends?: no
Do you have siblings?: yes
Do you make fun of people?: occasionally
Do you think dreams eventually come true?: maybe
Domino's or Pizza Hut?: Pizza Hut
Dream car/truck?: black Chrysler
Dreams or reality?: dreams, always
Eat an apple or an orange?: orange if someone else peels it for me
Elmo or Cookie Monster?: COOKIE
Emerald or ruby?: either
Fav movie?: "Apocalypse Now"
Fav song at the moment?: any Chameleons song
Fav thing to do?: listen to music, sleep
Fav breakfast food?: none, just juice
Fav Candy?: hard fruit candy
Fav Color?: dark blue or black
Fav Day?: friday
Fav Food?: asian mostly
Fav Gum?: peppermint Xylitol
Fav season?: autumn/winter/spring (never summer)
Fav perfume/ cologne?: cK be
Fav Room?: mine
Fav school subject?: history, religion, english and art
Fav Soundtrack?: Shopping
Fav Sport?: football, martial arts
Fav thing to do online?: email, chat, here, music
Fav Vacation spot?: london or paris
Favorite Comedian?: dunno
Favorite Animal: cat
Favorite beanie baby?: crap
Favorite body part of the opposite sex?: hair (head one)
Favorite cartoon?: too many
Favorite Television show?: none
Favorite color bra?: white
Favorite Group/Singer?: too many
Favorite Ice cream?: vanilla with hard chocolate core
Favorite shampoo or conditioner?: Herbal Essence
Favorite spice?: ginger or garlic
Flowers or angels?: both
Ford or Chevy?: chrysler
Future Job?: idle one
Glasses or contacts?: glasses
Go to the movies or rent?: both
Gold or Silver?: silver
Got a crush on anyone?: yes
Green beans or carrots?: green beans
Is the glass half empty or half full?: depends
Happy and poor or rich and sad?: happy and poor
Hard top or convertible?: hard top
Hardcover books or soft cover books?: paperback
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: no
Have you ever done something you regret now?: yes
Have you ever gotten a ticket for speeding?: nope
Have you ever lost someone you loved?: yes
Have you ever moved?: yes, 4-5 times
Have you ever stolen anything (from a store)?: yeah
Have you ever thought of killing yourself?: yes
Have you ever witnessed a crime?: yep
Have you met your soul mate?: no
Height?: 5'10"
High school or college?: college
How's the weather right now?: dark
Hug or kiss?: both
Hugs or kisses from the opposite sex?: both
Hurricane or Tornado?: hurricane
Is it POP or SODA?: either
Jacket or sweater?: jacket
Kids or no kids?: don't know
Last CD(s) Bought?: movement - new order
Last movie you saw in a theatre?: that hidden dragon one
Last person you talked to on the phone?: don't remember
Last time you showered?: today
Law or anarchy?: anarchy
Left or right?: right handed
Long hair or short?: both
Loud or soft music?: both
Love or hate?: love
Love or lust?: love
Low fat or non fat milk?: low fat
Lunch or gym class?: lunch!
Makeup or natural?: between the two
McDonalds or Burger King?: KFC and Hesburger
More romantic; baths or showers?: dunno
Mustard or ketchup?: both
Natural or bleached hair color?: whatever
Newspaper or magazine?: magazine
Nice ass or nice chest?: ass
Night or day?: night
Non-Sport activity you enjoy?: nosedigging, sleeping
Number of Pillows?: two
On a scale from 1 to 100 how much self esteem do you think you have? 3
One piece or two?: one
Pants or long skirt?: pants
Parent(s)?: mostly
Pet Peeves?: right-wing, capitalism, sexism, homophobia, racism...
Piano or guitar?: well-played bass
Piercings and where?: twice both ears
Place you want to live?: manchester, paris...
Place you'd like to visit?: paris, london, scotland, ireland, etc. etc.
Rain or shine?: rain
Rain or thunder and lighting storm?: either one
Rap or rock?: shut UP!
Read or write?: read
Receive letter or call?: both
Regular or diet?: either
Rice Krispie treat or brownies?: brownies
Roller blade or roller skate?: neither
Romance or Action Movie?: neither
Simple or complicated?: both
Singing or dancing?: dancing
Sleep w/ stuffed animals?: horsie
Snow or water?: both
Someone you can't live without?: dunno
Special Skills or talent?: talent
Spin-the-bottle or truth or dare?: dunno
Stay up late or wake up late?: both
Straight or curly?: straight
Summer or Winter?: winter
Sun or moon?: moooooooooon
Tall guys or short guys/girls?: same or taller
Things you collect?: stamps, Christian leaflets, perfumes, albuhms, shower gels, books... etc. etc.
What are you doing tomorrow?: same as today
What color is your toothbrush?: transparent & red
What color pants do you have on right now?: dirty white
What color socks are you wearing?: white
What do you drink?: grape-passionfruit-orange juice
What is your greatest fear?: pain
What makes you vomit?: nervousness
What's on your computer screen?: einst�rzende neubauten group photo *swoon*
What's right next to you?: papers
What's your bedtime?: when i want
What's your best physical feature?: long eyelashes
What's your favorite Disney movie?: bambi
What's your favorite radio station?: k
What's your name backwards?: adnileb
When do you get up in the morning?: early.
Who do you talk to the most online?: alex, lisa, n, helle, nick
Wonder or amazement?: wonder.
Word or phrase you overuse?: sick fuck.

current mood: rushed

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10:12 pm - "Oh yes it will fall"

current mood: determined
Wednesday, October 10th, 2001
12:27 am - Well here's my list of things I bought (London):
2 Cadbury Nut-Chocolate Bars, one Milk [==]
7 badges: 5 Cherry-themed, "Rock Star" & "Sugar"
Hello Kitty moneybank *swoon*
black diamante cross thing
Blue plastic diamante bracelet (slightly broken but individual
Tommy Hilf "Juiced Up" shower gel (from Harrods)
Incense stand
4 packets of incense (green apple, honeysuckle, green tea and orange blossom)
Black Lonsdale carrying bag
from LUSH: Red Rooster soap, T'Eo deo bar (small), Slammer shower gel

Arnold: Hillside Album (bit like Embrace but don't let this put you off)
Birthday Party: Peel Sessions (BUY BUY BUY THIS!!!)
Bongwater: The Power Of Pussy (brill)
Brassy: Got It Made
Cabaret Voltaire: The Voice Of America (already had it taped) *
Chameleons: Script Of The Bridge
Chameleons: What Does Anything Mean Basically?
Chameleons: Why Call It Anything? (the newest)
Chameleons: The Fan And The Bellows
Chameleons: Live At The Gallery Club Manchester '82
Clan Of Xymox: Creatures
Cranes: Future Songs
Creatures: Hybrids
Curve: Pubic Fruit
Durutti Column: Circuses & Bread
Einst�rzende Neubauten: Haus Der Luege
The Fall: The Wonderful & Frightening World Of...
Fugazi: 13 Songs
Go-Betweens: Liberty Belle...
Hefner: Dead Media
Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Destiny Street
House Of Love: Peel Sessions
House Of Love: Creation Recordings (incl. first album) *
James: Strip-Mine
Japan: Quiet Life
Jesus & Mary Chain: Complete Peel Sessions
Joy Division: Complete BBC Recordings (incl. short interview)
Laptop: Opening Credits
Love Tractor: The Sky At Night
Low: Things We Lost In The Fire
Magnetic Fields: Get Lost
Mogwai: EP+6 Songs
Moldy Peaches: Moldy Peaches
Moose: High Ball Me!
Psychedelic Furs: Mirror Moves
Residents: Meet...
Ride: Going Blank Again *
Saint Etienne: Foxbase Alpha
Silver Jews: The Natural Bridge
Simple Minds: Sons & Fascination/Sister...
The Slits: Peel Sessions
Stereolab: Refried Ectoplasm
Throbbing Gristle: 20 Jazz Funk Greats (definitely not jazz funk :-D)
Young Marble Giants: Colossal Youth (25-track one - yes!)
Various/Andrew Weatherall: Nine O'Clock Drop (GET THIS! Finally got the Normal's "Warm Leatherette" with this - now only need the other side of that single really)


Brite: Lost Souls
Cooper: The Dark Is Rising Sequence (all 5 in one) *
Doyle: Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha *
Farmer: Charlotte Sometimes (yes THAT one) *
London: Star Rover (Rebel Inc. print version which has the coolest introduction(s)) *
C. McCarthy: Blood Meridian (very cool) *
Welsh: Ecstasy *

* already heard/read completely or part of it.

The trip was great, except I dislike flying even more now than before. I mean, I started the flying thing at 2 months, but in recent years the fear has come up. No real reason why, just thinking too much. I can still feel the moving when sitting inside one.

My legs are still sore from all the walking I did. Rained alot but I like rain. Had real good chicken masala once, and good chicken-corn soup in this Chinese once. Also realised that if I have many shops to visit on my 'list' I'm really no good company, I can turn really really intolerant and snappy-mouthed.

Still, lots to listen *happy dance* and things to read. That's what really matters in the end.

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001
12:53 pm - from Andlosers:
1. What's your philosophy on life? liberal Christian (but that's just me - I don't force it on anyone).

2. You get to hang out with any 3 characters from any 3 movies. Who would these characters be? Motorcycle Boy from Rumble Fish, Winona in Beetlejuice, Marilyn in Some Like It Hot

3. Do you think we'll do better than the hippies did? Not really

4. If you could only listen to five bands for the rest of your life, what would they be? The Cure, Chameleons UK, Einstrzende Neubauten, Legendary Pink Dots, Joy Division

5. Would you rather be a paranoid schizophrenic who thought The Corporation Association of Mind Control was coming for you, or be a member of The Corporation Association of Mind Control?
The schizo.

6. Was Forrest Gump retarded? No idea, haven't seen the film.

7. Do you listen to Kid A when you're not on drugs? I don't do drugs, and Kid A/Amnesiac were not hard to get into. Not. At. All.

8. Is it cool to mock being cool in a cynically hip way? No

9. Did you understand Naked Lunch? Nope.

10. Why don't you get off the computer and get a life? Seriously, what's up with that? I do what I want, f*** off and get a life yourself.

11. What is your ideal meal? Beef stroganoff, the kind that has smetana not pickle or whatsit; spaghetti bolognese with meatballs; spaghetti casserole; any Chinese with no parts i don't like; risotto; home-made lasagne; spaghetti carbonara; Chicken Tikka/Tandoori/Garam Masala; Silken chicken... etc etc.

12. Are you for real? *raspberry*

13. Are members of subcultures that consist of more than one person "sheep"? Not all... not all of it.

14. Was there ever a time that you defined yourself by the music you listened to? Maybe.

15. Why are 7th grade girls so fucking HOT? They're not f*** off

16. Are you a terrorist? No

17. You get to hang out with any three characters from any three books. Who would these characters be? Bernice from the Fitzgerald novel, after coming back from her cousin's place. Morvern Callar. Third I don't know.

18. What song describes your current life situation? Don't know.

19. What life describes your current song situation? *burp*

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Monday, September 24th, 2001
8:52 pm
I've got �675 to spend in London. Now i only have to be very strict in planning what to get with that. Hmm...
Also thinking that i should make an order for the limited double-CD set of The Cure's "Greatest Hits", and the video and DVD. *thinks* I want them already! Eek!

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Thursday, September 20th, 2001
4:50 pm
OK. Here's from my travel diary:

2nd of March, 1992 (in New York)
"...We went shopping. First we stopped at Fish Markets and went to shops there. Ate at Chinese place called "Kam Wan Food" at Fulton House. Then we drove to WTC and up to 107th floor's viewing place. Great view, looked for the place Ramones came from. Mum was a bit dizzy. Then we went to another building, I think it was Financial Center and there to the caf�. Me and my sister had ice cream. Then we drove back to our friends' place...."

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